Pileated Woodpecker

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  A pileated woodpecker is about 15 inches in length and is one of the largest woodpeckers found in North America. (Only the possibly extinct Ivory-billed Woodpecker in the southeastern United States and Cuba. A pileated woodpecker makes its nest in a tree cavity. The female lays four eggs. Both parents incubate the eggs during the […]

Happy New Year 2015


Happy New Year May all have a Great and Prosperous 2015

Upper Ousel Falls Trail

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Ousel Falls is a very inspiring morning hike. This hike is a very easy walk, one the whole family can do in comfort. Pack breakfast or a do a picnic lunch. The east fork of the Gallatin is also a great place to catch west slope Cutthroat as well. The trail is 1.7 miles round […]

Happy Thanksgiving

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Happy Thanksgiving Counting our Blessings, Sharing our Bounty of Heart and Home       Original Source: BeFirst Media Group

Sunsets on Prairie

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Rose Bud Comes Forth

Rose Bud Comes Forth.
Woods' rose (Rosa woodsii) is a woody shrub that produces pink flowers. These flowers mature into fruits (rose hips) that are high in vitamin C. Bears often feed on the fruits in the fall.

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Storm Castle Trail Meanders

Storm Castle Trail meanders through forest and meadows with great views of the valley below as you hike up.  This hike is a moderate hike with a elevation gain of around 2500 ft.

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Drops Flow from Cascade

Drops of water Cascading in stream close to trail head.  Strom Castle Trail is a short drive from Bozeman,,Montana.  There is also Forest Service Campgrooud close by. As well as other great hikes to do.

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Rose Gets Worked Over

Rose Worked Over, on Storm Castle Trail.  Wild Roses grow along trails in the Gallatin Valley.

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White Pelicans Taking Flight

White Pelicans Take Flight.  
Conservationist Aldo Leopold described a migrating group of American White Pelicans this way: “Let a squadron of southbound pelicans but feel a lift of prairie breeze… and they sense at once that here is a landing in the geological past, a refuge from that most relentless of aggressors, the future. With queer antediluvian grunts they set wing, descending in majestic spirals to the welcoming wastes of a bygone age.”

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