Upper Ousel Falls Trail

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Ousel Falls is a very inspiring morning hike. This hike is a very easy walk, one the whole family can do in comfort. Pack breakfast or a do a picnic lunch. The east fork of the Gallatin is also a great place to catch west slope Cutthroat as well. The trail is 1.7 miles round […]

Sunsets on Prairie

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Whitewater on the Gallatin River

Whitewater on the Gallatin River.  Gallatin River begins at Gallatin Lake, which is located high in the mountains of the Gallatin Range in Yellowstone National Park, and flows for 115 miles to its end at the beginning of the Missouri River in Three Forks. Throughout its length, the Gallatin River offers a very wide variety of water, excellent river access, relatively low fishing pressure and gorgeous scenery.

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Fences Are For Sheep & Cows

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